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Sometime in the mid-1980s I convinced the powers that be that the H&SS division should stop using troff for technical manuscripts and switch to LaTeX, so I felt some obligation to provide support for the staff members who were coerced into using it. I created a handful of style files (.sty) and later on document classes (.cls) for use in the division. I also wrote a few for my own use, including kbordermatrix.sty, my modification of Knuth's \bordermatrix command. I offer them here for anyone who is interested. I have not put them on the CTAN because I do not want the responsibility of supporting them properly. But do feel free to help yourself to any of them. I offer no warranty. The usual rules apply: You may freely copy and use these files. You may give them away free to anyone. You may freely modify them, as long as you change the name of the files.

The self-documenting files include detachable latex-able documentation at the end of the file (after \endinput).

The H&SS Styles

HSSCorrespondence.cls (, )
This document class for formatting both letters and memos according to the Caltech Identity Project guidelines replaces the hssletter and hssmemo classes. You will need the watermark-faint.pdf, CaltechLogoOrangePMS165.pdf, and CaltechLogoBlackRGB.pdf files to use with it. The documentation is here.
Documentation (, )
Documentation on the H&SS document classes in pdf format. It does not cover the HSSCorrespondence class (see above) and needs to be updated.
hssvita.cls (, )
A document class for formatting a cv as suggested by Mary-Claire van Leunen's A Handbook for Scholars. (Well not quite exactly as she suggests, but close.) Self documenting. Or see the documentation in pdf format.
hsswp.cls (, )
A document class for formatting working papers according to Barbara Yandell's rules. Also requires the Caltech seal.
hssthm.sty (, )
A style package that defines several theorem-like environments, with numbering options.
hssnotes.sty (, )
A style package for formatting lecture notes.
hsslists.sty (, )
A style package that defines additional list styles, including enumeration with Roman numerals.
hsstitle.sty (, )
A style package that creates just a title page for working papers, for those working papers produced without LaTeX.
timestamp.sty (, )
A style package that defines a \timestamp command, optionally used by hssnotes.
widetext.sty ( bytes, )
A style package to set margins according to Joy Hansen's paper-saving rules.


econometrica.bst (, )
A BibTeX style for Econometrica's peculiar format. Requires harvard.sty version 2.0.5 and em-cite.sty. There may be a few bugs in some of the more obscure entry types.
em-cite.sty ( bytes, )
This is a documentstyle option/package that patches harvard.sty to agree with Econometrica's distinctive format for multiple in-text citations. Requires harvard.sty version 2.0.5.
fn2end.sty (, )
Yet another way to convert footnotes to end notes. It defines commands that change the definition of \footnote, so you can mix footnotes and end notes in the same document. Self documenting.
kbordermatrix.sty (, )
Knuth defined a \bordermatrix macro for plain TeX and it was translated and made part of LaTeX even though it is not mentioned in Lamport's manual. One problem with it is that it does not align well with matrices made using LaTeX's array environment. Another problem from my point of view is that it uses parentheses instead of brackets as delimiters. The kbordermatrix package defines a \kbordermatrix macro that deals with both these issues. (Documentation)
SignaturePanel.sty ( bytes, )
We often have reports that need signatures from the committee members. This package defines the SignaturePanel environment, which creates an array of signature lines with names underneath. Spacing is governed by two dimensions, SignatureBoxWidth (default is .45\textwidth) and SignatureBoxHeight (default is 36pt). These determine the size of the box left for the signature. Here is a sample:
Member 1 \and Member 2 \and Member 3 \\ Chair

The names are separated by \and and may contain line breaks (\\), much like the \author command.

figinpar.sty and figinpar2.sty (, )
These are not-ready-for-prime-time attempts on my part to insert figures into rectangular cutouts in paragraphs. The second version supersedes and is incompatible with the first. Each defines a \figinpar macro that takes five arguments in the first package and six arguments in the second package. These govern the location (left or right margin for the second version), delay in lines, cutout height (in lines), cutout width (as a dimension with units), figure content, and paragraph content. There is a little bit of documentation in the form of contents at the start of each file.

The command does not deal at all well with page breaks in the middle of the figure, and indeed I have no idea what proper behavior should be. It seems to ignore \noindent commands, which I work around with a kludge \kern-\parindent. The command uses a \parshape command to make the hole, and the figure is encapsulated in a minipage environment, saved in a box, and placed with a \vadjust\moveright construction, but it doesn't always end up where I think it should be.

I don't really have the time or intellect to figure out how to make them better, but they may be useful to you as is. I use them a lot.

custom-bib.zip on CTAN contains Patrick W. Daly's makebst.tex file.
I used this latex program as the first step in creating econometrica.bst. It may be just what you need if you are trying to create your own bibliography style.

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